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Penn State disclosed the spending in response to an inquiry from the Inquirer last week.
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Eggman: mastermind before he retiredthe Characters in brackets are the ones I made up After receiving an ancient book for his birthday, Sonic finds himself transported to a fantastic world of magic and heroes - which is threatened by an evil Djinn! She had something up her sleeve, Sonic just knew it. It looks like you could use it."Rewritten - f/f slash - Mileena warms up to someone she never expected. Jet Wave, Charmy Cream Tails, Storm OCOne lovely Friday afternoon, Amy follows Sonic again down the streets of Station Square.

Four other of the members are also from Pennsylvania. We worked at a hospital on the same unit together,” Heather explained.

Name: Axel Rogan Age:18Favorite game: All the Sonic The Hedgehog Games A big Sonic Fan, Been on Fanfictions for close to 5 years, mostly posting stories when I get a chance but also reading up some as well, my story are Sonic base but I do have a few that are crossovers as well.

Here are the Characters I mainly use with a short intro on who they are what they are in my stories.(Axel Rogan) : Main Character (Me) swordsman and AMS agent Sonic Hedgehog : Fastest thing alive, Axel's best friend Shadow Hedgehog: Ultimate Lifeform, sometimes Sonic's rival and friend Tails Prower: Sonic and Axel's little brother, the brains of the operation Knuckles Echidna: Sonic's friend and sometimes rival Amy Rose: Sonic's self proclaimed girlfriend, annoying to a lot of people including Sonic Rouge The Bat: GUN agent and club owner, Sonic and Axel's friend Blaze The Cat: Sonic's former girlfriend, now dating Silver, Silver Hedgehog: Blaze's boyfriend, friend to Sonic and Axel Princess Kitana: Axel's former love before she was killed Jade: Kitana's best friend and Sonic's former girlfriend before the death of Kitana Nitara: Vampire from another realm, friend of Axel's Sonya Blade: Government agent, friend to Sonic and Tails Mileena: Kitana's clone sister, hates her with a passion, Sindel: Kitana's mother, friend to Sonic and Axel Jet The Hawk: Sonic's rival, Wave The Swallow: Tails' rival Storm The Eagle: Knuckles' Rival(Dean Triden): Sonic and Axel's friend from high school,(Heather Ambrose): Sonic's girlfriend(Brianna Orchid): Secret Agent and love interest of Axel(Dega): Axel's sworn enemy Dr. Amy practically giggled as she walked up to the bars of the cell, looking supremely satisfied with herself. Tailsx OC Possibly Son Amy -Sonicx Amy-Amy asks Rouge for advice on how to get Sonic to notice her, and Rouge tell her to make Sonic jealous by dating Knuckles, but will it work, or will she develop feeling for Knuckles. After deadly explosions during the Chaotix' last mission, Vector and Espio are dead. As he gives up all hope, a grey albatross saves him from the brink of death.

Chelsey Ferri, 25, and Heather Ambrose, 27, are two out of the nine who say the experience was an amazing opportunity and one they would not go back and change, even if they could.

“I wouldn’t take this back; I’m really excited to see and to show America what we do,” said Chelsey, a Pittsburg native.