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Same for all once you are in the list of countries which need Vietnam visa.. This greatly depends on each Embassy but normally should be a week or more. Stay online for a while to receive your message and/or instruction when neccessary. Thus, the best way is to obtain a new visa on arrival as soon as possible to avoid trouble. If I have a working visa in Vietnam can I bring my family? This will depend a) If you have already a valid Vietnam visa into your passport and the validity of your visa does not override the validity of your passport then it is ok or, b) If you donot have a visa yet and you are going to ask for the 'visa on arrival' this is NOT possible as the Immigration requires, at least, your passport with 6 month validity. Without this letter, you will either have to pay alot or go back your original destination.
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Quoiromantic Confusion: What It Is & Signs You’re Experiencing It There are times when we have feelings for someone that are outside of our understanding of what is normal. How to Tell if the Sexual Tension Is Mutual: Is it Mutual Lust?